In     1966     Spies     participated     in     the “Sestigers”      exhibition   in   Johannesburg. An    Afrikaans    daily    reported    that    the Synod   of   the   Dutch   Reformed   Church expressed   concern   about   the   Sestigers’     “art works”. In     a     crit     of     the     exhibition     Dirk Meerkotter   wrote:   “Very   striking   is   the Rhinoceros.     This     animal’s     immense
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power   and   weight   is   powerfully   portrayed.   It   is   as   if   the   animal   is   assembled out of rocks.” In   2004   Spies   participated   in   a   group   exhibition   “The   Long   Walk   to…”   at   the Rand   Afrikaans   University.   Through   the   exhibition   recognition   was   given   to   the contribution of leading artists in SA studio-ceramics. Artist   Hermine   Spies   had   the   following   to   say   about   an   exhibition   of   his   at   the Crake   Gallery   in   Johannesburg:   “His   work   surprises   one   and   opens   closed doors   in   your   imagination.   There   is   something   in   his   work   that   is   ‘new’;   it reflects personality which could only come from one person. ”Another   critic   wrote:   “These   works   show   how   the   artist   has   successfully   taken primitive     cultural     African     elements,     transporting     them     in     powerful contemporary statement which transcends the limitations of his material.” In   2002   Diek   Grobler   stated   in   his   Beeld   review   of   the   EXPORT   exhibition: “Conceptually this exhibition offers much food for thought.”
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