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22-27 September The     art     works     on display   will   be   aimed at   showing   the   visitor a   period   of   expression that     has     been     re- established   in   a   way, looking   at   these   older works    in    a    new    way that   recaptures   things like   colour,   shape,   and form.   Taking   this   more contemporary   view   of the   artwork,   looking   at shapes    used,    colours applied,                  and techniques   maintained and      explaining      the thoughts     and     ideas that          this          has generated   for   Spies.   A total   reworking   of   the artworks      themselves so to speak.
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SPIES: Here and Now
Spies ghosted in his studio, with painting brushes, pens and pencils

A Celebration of Life: 

80th Birthday Art Exhibition.

The   Exhibition   will   run   from   the   15th   December   2014   till   the   9th   of   January 2015. Viewing by appointment only call: Landline: +27 (0)44 620 3070 or Cell: +27 (0)82 922 4689
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Article in South Magazine

From the soul - art that makes you think! Click on the image for a link to the PDF article (750 kb)
Art exhibition, "Recycling of Life" in Great Brak River, Spies Venter official artist.   

To all former students of mine  -- greetings!

At   82   I   am   still   painting,   and   teaching   art   in   my   Art   School   in   Great   Brak   River, a   small   coastal   village   between   George   and   Mossel   Bay   in   the   Southern   Cape. South Africa. I   am   not   proficient   in   working   on   the   computer,   but   over   the   last   few   years   I have   occasionally   been   surprised   by   emails   from   former   students,   sharing memories   of   those   years   when   I   headed   the   Department   of   Ceramics   at   the   SA Technikon   in   Johannesburg.   My   formal   academic   teaching   career   stretched from 1968 to 1980, and included drawing, sculpture, ceramics and painting.   In the anecdotes I received I enjoyed the often humorous references to me! Please   share   more   of   your   reminiscences,   and   let   me   know   if   you   are   still involved in art, and about partners and children, as soon as possible. Why   the   above   request?   I   am   compiling   an   overview   of   my   life   in   art,   so   do   let me know where and when you studied with me, including photographs. Email: info @