The idea of working as an artist …. My   father’s   dire   prediction   was   that   I would end up in the gutter. But   on   my   way   to   the   gutter   there   were my   studies,   teaching   and   lecturing   art; honoured   with   a   couple   of   scholarships, and    in    the    process    doing    a    bit    of travelling, to Rotterdam and London.
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These    early    interactions    opened    my    eyes    and    mind    to    the    incredible possibilities   available   to   me   as   an   young   artist.   I   was   influenced   by   many influential   artists   of   the   day,   and   am   in   fact,   still   drawing   on   that   inspiration today at 80 years of age. It’s   been   a   fulfilling   journey   and   I   invite   you   to   browse   through   these   pages containing my artwork, and a small bit of information about me. Feel   free   to   contact   me   or   the   Art   School,   should   you   wish   to   enquire   about any piece of art or the art school.
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