First    there    were    my    studies    at    the Department   of   National   Education’s   Art School   in   Port   Elizabeth,   and   thereafter my    part-time    involvement    at    Rhodes University. I     was     awarded     the     E.R.     Searle Travelling   Scholarship,   which   took   me to Florence and Rotterdam.
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After   a   year   of   lecturing   at   Stellenbosch   University,   I   was   given   a   scholarship to   study   further.   So   I   was   off   again,   abroad,   to   study   for   two   years   at   the   St Martin’s   School   of   Art   in   London,   making   me   the   first   South   African   to   win   a British Scholarship for art. On   my   return   I   was   appointed   as   head   of   the   Department   of   Ceramics   at   the then “Johannesburg School of Art”. I   had   a   number   of   solo   exhibitions   in   Johannesburg,   and   participated   in   group exhibitions at well-known galleries. I   left   the   academia   and   moved   to   Schoemanskloof   in   the   Lowveld,   becoming co-owner of The Wayside Inn in Waterval Onder. Having   had   the   occasional   exhibition,   my   first   professional   exhibition   was   in the Millennium 1 Gallery, Pretoria. I   now   live   in   Great   Brak   River,   where   I   have   a   spacious   art   school   and   private studio in an old school building in the historic heart of this tranquil village. In   an   interview   with   Pieter   van   Niekerk   after   having   settled   in   Great   Brak   River in 2002 I said: “I   suppose   basically   I   am   a   loner,   but   now   I   have   more   time   for   myself,   my students and my art.”
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