Approach to art I    create    my    work    with    a    variety    of approaches     and     styles,     and     have always,   or   mostly,   done   so.   This   I   feel is the adventure of art and growth! In   the   first   instance   I   am   continually surprising myself. When   I   look   analytically   at   what   I   have done   and   am   doing,   I   do   see   growth
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patterns,   and   tendencies,   which   can   be   considered   modern   versions   of   styles that have persisted through the entire history of art. In my art school in Great Brak River I have a research library of art books. I   think   with   the   series   “EXPORT”   at   Millennium   1   in   2002,   I   for   the   first   time, was quite consciously aware of consistently exploring themes. Here,   with   my   work   in   progress,   I   am   exploring   the   relationship   between   me and my twin brother (who died about 15 years ago). “Some   people   consider   me   “earthy”.   I   agree,   if   it   means   I   am   impulsive;   able to   be   myself,   express   who   I   am,   not   holding   back,   spontaneous.   But,   also,   I am becoming more and more conceptually aware”. I was once asked the question; “How I would like to die”? “In   my   studio,   while   dreaming,   painting;   or   wondering;   just   becoming   peaceful – then “Poof!” You don’t have to turn these things into a song and dance”.
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